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Author Topic: SteamRep : Scammer Database + Scammer / Trusted ID Finder  (Read 2881 times)


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SteamRep : Scammer Database + Scammer / Trusted ID Finder
« on: August 11, 2011, 06:36 AM »
Diego has made a website which keeps track of the reputation of Steam accounts.
     The website:
    Usage of the website
    For this, it is required to have a certain setting in steam:
    - Right click the steam icon in your tray, and choose "Settings".
    - In the image below the option is circled by a red oval. Please ensure it is ticked.
    To check an account against the database:
    One needs to copy the (custom) URL of someone's profile and paste it into the website's  search field.
    The link is circled in the picture below.
    Now you can select that line of text (URL) with the mouse, and press CTRL-C to copy it into the clipboard.
    Then you go to the website, and paste (CTRL-V) that URL (ALWAYS use the FULL URL) into the box, and click the "Check" button:
    The website will then show the current known reputation of that person, steam ID information, all handy links to backpack sites, google searches etc.
    Reporting a Scammer.
    We really going to require proof from now on. It has gone out of hand till recently with the old thread and here we will amend to that. We are aware that the old ones don't have reasons listed. When appealing it will be looked into and if not enough was provided those will be turn back to caution (check notes on Caution system). However if there where screen-shots provided, but no longer up, it will be assumed that those screen-shots where sufficient proof.
    Below you will find a layout of needed Info and proof:
    Liveweb link: (example)
    steamID: STEAM_0:0:8597480
    SOP forum account: random
    Liveweb link: (example)
    steamID: STEAM_0:0:27960721
    SOP forum account: toadzor
    Screen-shots links:
    - Pictures of chat (required)
    - Maybe of trade window if relevant (please keep the practice of chatting in normal chat, and just only trade in the trading window).
    - Screen shot of profile page if the offender is impersonating admins, middleman, or trusted traders. (showing steam community link, pic, nickname, friends and groups)
    Description: A (short) description of where/how you encountered the person, and the deal, the attempted scam, and the outcome. The pics should tell the full story.
    Copy a transcript of the chat  below that. For readability: Put the text between [ code ]text here [ /code ] tags, remove the spaces within the brackets and it will show up the same as this part of the text.
    Possible places to post the screen-shots for free and without an account are:
    Please note:
    - Do NOT re-size pictures, by the site or by shrinking it, we must be able to read them clear and fully.
    - We require the pictures to be uploaded permanently, and not on some download site in a .rar, or on photobucket with an account where ppl can delete the pictures after a day. Ideally its on tiny-pic. We need those pics to be there at least a month or longer. We are already quite busy, having to record/upload everything again is not something we plan to do. Keep that stuff up for a long time.
    - Keep trade chats short and concise. We really don't need to know 37 pages of random chat. But we DO require continuity of the entire trade chat with overlapping parts that we can check that we have the entire picture.
    - You may edit out personal info from the chat transcript, but DO note it with *censored personal info*, but we do want to see the entire continuity of the chat in the screen-shots. NO skip overs.
    - You may blank out your steam account login name on steam viewed profiles etc, so you don't give out valuable login info of yourself by the screen-shots. You could also make only a cutout that it wont show that.
    - As some LF Admins may be able to speak other languages then English, (for example, DataStorm speaks Dutch, Diego Italian, etc), the main language used is English. A recent report in French was applied, and with Google translate we couldn't make heads or tails of it, especially when the chat transcript was about 300 lines, a lot of French "slang" used that could not be translated, etc. Therefore, we require that reports will be done in English, and that screen-shot conversations are in English. Exceptions in other languages only if that admin masters that language and is willing to it.
    - If any looks tampered, the entire report will be discarded, and the reporter will be marked for the Caution list as attempting to falsify a scammer report.
    Notes on the Caution system:
    - We are aware this needs updating, and getting reasons of it listed. Till then, the old caution system will be kept.
    - Planned features: List of offenses on Trade Servers as ASBO, UHC, RAWR. Naming of accusations of being a scammer but without proof. EACH offense listed. So if one has only 1 report, and never again, its just that, and people can base their decision to trade or not on that.
    - Links for the listed offenses to their respective source (ASBO/UHC/RAWR bans pages, link to the reply of Reputation DB Admin to a report etc)
    - The Caution tag is not publicly available for everybody at the moment. It is at the moment only available for selected trade server admins/MM and trusted traders who are selected by Diego. We may release this again at a later date when it has been sufficiently updated with previous points, although this is not decided upon yet.
    Notes on the Scammer list:
    - From now on, only proven reports will be added.
    Notes on both the Scammer and Caution lists:
    - The entire list will remain accessible for admins only.
    - The individual status may be made visible in the future again for the Caution tag.

 The old scammer DB thead can be found here:

Written by ÐataStorm.
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